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The capital to grow, the expertise to succeed.

We provide financing to small companies by buying their receivables at a small discount. (As soon as invoices are created)  This enables our clients to increase their cash flow quickly, without generating debt. Our clients are usually small business owners who may not qualify for bank loans, or who for other reasons prefer to not assume more debt.

We are uniquely suited to support small businesses. 

Human resources, customer acquisition and care, government regulations, information technology, financial management …..  Small business owners face many challenges.  I believe the key responsibility of the small business owner is resource allocation.  How do you allocate and deploy your limited resources to promote long term growth and stability for your company?  I understand these challenges because I ran a small consulting business for over 20 years serving large private and public sector clients in the health care industry.   I started Mother Lode Capital specifically to provide increased cash flow for small businesses.    

Factoring some or all of your invoices can immediately unlock cash resources for you to deploy.  I understand first-hand the challenge of dealing with customers that take 30 to 60 days or more to pay their invoices.  As our company grew, our payroll obligations grew faster than the receivables came in.   Although we were profitable, attention to cash flow allowed us to bid on and perform more projects and bigger projects.    

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