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Here is how the mechanics of factoring works:

  1. Establish a relationship with a Factoring company you trust by filling out an application.  You can apply to Mother Lode Capital here.

  2. Application review typically takes 2 days.  After you are accepted, we will review your customers, invoicing and payment history with you.  Mother Lode Capital may accept all or some of your clients.

  3. You assign qualified invoices to the Factoring Company, and let the client know that you have assigned invoices to Mother Lode Capital, and that future payments are to be directed to MLC. We have a standard letter to achieve this assignment, and most clients are familiar with this practice.   Mother Lode Capital applies a 3% discount to the face value of the invoice.

  4. You receive 80% of  the invoice value in immediate cash – deposited directly to your bank account.  You receive the balance of your cash, minus the discount fee, when the invoice is paid. 


  1. You create an invoice to pre-approved Client for $10,000 on March 1.

  2. You assign invoice to Mother Lode Capital on March 1.

  3. Invoice is usually approved by MLC in 1 – 2 days. Mother Lode Capital transfers $8,000 into your account on March 3.

  4. Client pays Mother Lode Capital $10,000 on April 1.

  5. Mother Lode Capital transfers balance of funds to your bank account

    1. Balance of funds = ($10,000 - $8,000) – ($10,000 * 3%) = $2,000 - $300 = $1,700

Does your business qualify?  Apply for funding with Mother Lode Capital here.

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